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Wisconsin Grappling refers to techniques, maneuvers, and counters applied to an opponent in order to gain a physical advantage, such as improving relative position, escaping, submitting, or injury to the opponent. Grappling is a general term that covers techniques used in many disciplines, styles and martial arts that are practiced both as combat sports and for self defense. Grappling does not typically include striking or most commonly the use of weapons, however some grappling disciplines teach tactics that include strikes and weapons either alongside grappling or as part of it.

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5 Reasons! Why everyone should learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Vernon County WI

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is basically like a mixture Sports, Martial Arts and Yoga. It’s a sport cum technique made for people of all age groups and all genders. Children, Girls, Women and Men all can do this. Still it is beneficial for all as if you know some of its grappling techs then you can easily counter many problems of life and one of main is ‘SELF DEFENCE’. Yes! You will feel confident while roaming on roads at late nights even. You will be fit bodily and at mental level also. As while playing this game, player need to focus on different factors while playing game so concentration and management for multiple tasks increases in person. Player must be calm, attentive, and laborious to get trained in different styles.

One of main thing is that while playing any sport like martial arts, or Jiu Jitsu we always learn something new every time we play it, which makes us a student for whole life.

“Be a learner First, Master Second and Student always.” – Ernie J Zelinski

Self Defense in Vernon County WI:

As we see on social media day by day women are most victimized. Reason is that they don’t know how to defend themselves. They generally think that ‘My family/ husband is there to protect me’. But family and husband can’t be there with you every time. So, yes then at point of time if you have something like Jiu Jitsu inside you, then you can walk freely and bang the people of your way. On other hand, Jiu Jitsu is also easier and suited for all.

Attractive Personality:

It is obviously seen in most of cases of martial arts learned people even they are at starting phase, they are quite confident everywhere and in every aspect. They have a sportsman spirit and charm on their face which attracts everyone. Especially if you are a Jiu Jitsu expert, no one will either willing to be stone of your way. Other thing is that whether you have short height or improper weight even, in jiu jitsu these things matters a little as main goal is to take down opponent to ground by grappling. So, trust me no one needs a special physique to learn this sport any one can learn that.


These games also make us attentive for everything. It’s like you are always ready to face any kind of situation .Just like a soldier one becomes ready for every move of life. Playing a sport also makes person disciplined and respectful to all. We respect our opponent every time, whether opponent is weak or strong respect is equal.


Along with all above qualities of a sportsperson is fitness. Fitness flexibility is always with him till time he is playing that sport and training for that.

Student Spirit:

When someone is a real sportsman especially a Jiu Jitsu player, one always learns from his previous mistakes. That’s one of best part of this game “You keep on ascending day by day”. It is said that “As a student, till the time you have your feet on ground you can’t drown” – Sandeep Maheshwari.



Vernon County WI Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport made for all and ascends everyone qualities. It can give its practitioner enhanced qualities of Self Defense, Attractive Personality, Attentiveness, Fitness and Student Spirit. Last thing, which is not least, is that a learner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu never gets Depression or Stress even in extreme pressured situations as they know by their everyday practice that they can surpass all problems with proper attitude.

Vernon County WI Grappling techniques can be broadly subdivided into Clinch fighting;
Takedowns and Throws; Submission holds and Pinning or Controlling Techniques; and Sweeps, Reversals, Turnovers, and Escapes.

Clinching, or clinch work, takes place with both competitors on their feet using various clinch holds applied to the upper body of the opponent. Clinch work is generally used to set up or defend against throws or takedowns.

Vernon County WI Takedowns: A takedown is used by one grappler to manipulate his or her opponent from a position where both are initially standing, to a position on the ground. The grappler completing the takedown aims to end on top of the opponent in a position of relative control.

Vernon County WI Throws: A throw is a technique in which one grappler lifts or off-balances his or her opponent and maneuvers him or her forcefully through the air or to the ground. The purpose of throws varies among the different disciplines of grappling with some emphasizing throws with the potential to incapacitate the opponent, while leaving the thrower standing, or to gain a takedown or controlling position.

Vernon County WI Submission holds: There are generally two types of submission holds: those that would potentially strangle or suffocate an opponent (chokes), and those that would potentially cause injury to a joint or other body part (locks). In sport grappling, a competitor is expected to submit, either verbally or by tapping the opponent, to admit defeat when he is caught in a submission hold that he or she cannot escape. Competitors who refuse to "tap out" risk unconsciousness or serious
injury. Vernon, Wisconsin

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